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For Companies

If you run a business or are responsible for its market image and you want your team's tools to feature your company logo or catchy slogan, you've come to the right place. We have a range of solutions to help promote your brand. Contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

Below are examples of some excellent clients we work with. They chose us not only for the excellent quality of our products and fast turnaround but also for our experience and personalized approach to each project. From your idea to the end of the production process, we ensure the highest level of service, so you can be confident that your products will be perfect regardless of their size and application.

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For Artists

We give you access to a wide range of top-quality products that are just waiting for your designs to make them even more amazing. We handle everything from printing and shipping to customer service, giving you more time to focus on creating new projects. According to the table below, you will receive a 10% commission from the final price of each item sold.


file resolution your profit
HardCase & ToughCase 1800 × 3000 px 9,90 zł do 12,90 zł
Phone Skins 1400 × 2600 px 5,50 zł do 7,50 zł
Card Skins 2200 × 1400 px 2,10 zł do 3,10 zł
iPad Skins 2800 × 3600 px 7,90 zł do 9,90 zł
MacBook & PC Laptop Skins 4600 × 3200 px 9,90 zł
Stickers 1200 × 1200 px 0,30 zł do 4,80 zł
Mugs 3000 × 1200 px 3,90 zł
Mouse pad 2200 × 1800 px 2,90 zł

Join our community

Our mission is to bring art to as many people as possible. We support artists from all over the world by creating a platform where they can share their work and earn from it. With us, you can express your creativity and reach people eager for art. If this is what you desire, we're waiting for you to join us. Let's create something unique together.

You send us your artwork

Choose and submit your best pieces, a link to your portfolio, or simply draw something beautiful.

We create products

We will adapt your graphics according to our needs and create products that you can sell through our platform.

You accept your portfolio

After creating the products, we will send you a link to your portfolio for approval, where your products will be visible.

You sit back comfortably

We print, pack, and ship your products, and you earn a commission while doing what you love most – creating new projects.

Keep eye of your earnings

If one of the products with your artwork is purchased, we produce, pack, and ship it to the customer. Your earnings will be paid to you on the 1st day of each month via PayPal or to your bank account, with a 30-day grace period from the date of sale, which applies to the right of return for the purchased product. For example, if you sell something on January 10th, the right of return expires on February 10th, so you will receive payment on March 1st.

You retain control of the rights to your works

What's yours is yours! After submitting your artwork to us, you maintain full control over its rights. It's up to you to decide on which products you want to feature your work, for how long, and you can withdraw at any time. Simple as that!

Requirements for graphics

In the table above, you will find the minimum requirements for graphics to be featured on our products. To achieve the exact dimensions, you may need to crop the original high-resolution file you have. However, avoid increasing the resolution of the files using photo editing software, as it will significantly impact the product's quality.