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We maintain less than 1% of returns and complaints. However, if you have a problem with your order, please contact us and send us photos showing the problem. We will do everything to fix it. If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us and we will replace it or give you your money back. It's your choice.

  • you have 60 days from receiving your order to return it
  • returned product shall not bear traces of use and should be sent back in the original packaging
  • the return of the payment will be made within a maximum of 14 days
  • returned products should be carefully packed for the time of shipment, we do not accept COD parcels
  • by withdrawing from the contract you cover all direct costs of returning product, i.e. costs of packaging, securing and sending
  • the right to return the product is not granted if the products were made with our creator or/ and the product properties were specified by you (customized products)


If you find product defects, you have the right to submit a complaint. We are responsible for non-compliance of the the contract only in the period of two years from the date of delivery. The reported defect is verified by our store and in if it is recognized, the damaged goods are exchanged for a new one. If the exchange is impossible due to unavailability of the goods, we return the equivalent of the price of the goods or we offer a different product with parameters no worse than the one being complained on.

Returns form

Download returns form

File in .pdf format to be filled and printed

Address for returns

Please, send the returned items in one parcel (products, filled in form of return / complaint and proof of purchase). Thanks!


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